How Chiropractic Care Can Help Whiplash

In most Western countries, whiplash is the most common injury associated with car accidents. However, the symptoms of whiplash can often be vague and some patients may have trouble describing what they are feeling to their clinicians.

For this reason, whiplash and Whiplash-Associated Disorders (WAD) can cause symptoms that plague patients for many years after an accident.

Fortunately, chiropractic care can effectively manage whiplash and WAD so that patients can return to normal, pain-free lives.


How Does Someone Sustain a Whiplash Injury?

In general, whiplash occurs due to trauma. Specifically, the injury is caused by a violent forward and backward movement of the neck. Because there are so many cars on the road, traveling at such high speeds; car crashes are the source of most instances of whiplash.

But there are other ways that one might sustain a whiplash injury. For instance, if a person fell from a significant height and their head was snapped backward and forward by the impact, he or she could sustain a whiplash injury.

In the most heart-breaking of situations, whiplash can also be caused by physical abuse, such as someone aggressively shaking his or her spouse.


What are the Common Symptoms of Whiplash?

In most cases, whiplash will cause any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches and neck pain;
  • Unusual tiredness;
  • Neurologic issues such as memory deficits;
  • Neck stiffness and decreased motion.

Naturally, as is the case with any condition, there are many other rare symptoms that may present in a case of whiplash as well.


Will Whiplash Get Better On Its Own?

Many times, whiplash symptoms can resolve on their own, given enough time and adequate rest. Unfortunately, there are still many whiplash victims who will not experience relief from rest alone. For these individuals, a plan of care is necessary in order for them to restore their range of motion, reduce their pain, and resolve their other symptoms.

While medication to ease the pain may help in some instances, oftentimes this will only mask symptoms. When symptoms are masked, the underlying issue remains untreated. This could lead to long-term issues that become much harder to treat and manage down the road.


How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Whiplash?

For each of the symptoms associated with whiplash, chiropractic care can offer the perfect treatment.

In terms of neck pain and stiffness, often a chiropractor can design a treatment plan involving exercise, stretching, and manual therapy. Sometimes, a treatment recommendation may even be as basic as instructing the patient on how to properly position themselves during rest so that their condition can heal on its own. These treatments, performed in isolation or combination, will loosen up the structures in the neck and return the patient to baseline in no time!

For symptoms such as headaches and neurological involvement, it will take a detailed examination to determine exactly what is causing the issue. From here, the chiropractor can determine whether chiropractic treatments will be the best option, or if referral to another provider is warranted.

Either way, a chiropractor is a great place to start if you’ve been suffering from whiplash symptoms!


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