How Chiropractic Care Can Help Postnatal

From the moment of conception to the birth of the child, a woman’s body goes through many dramatic changes. For instance, the CDC recommends that some women should gain up to 40 extra pounds during pregnancy. This extreme weight gain in just nine short months may be necessary for a healthy pregnancy, but it can often be hard to recover from this significant body change once the baby is born.

But besides just extreme changes in body weight, women also have to deal with shifting hormone levels, musculoskeletal issues, and so much more.

If you’ve recently had a baby, and are struggling to return to normal health postnatal, a chiropractor can help!


Returning to Pre-Pregnancy Health

For new mothers, there are often some common issues with which chiropractors can assist:

  • Joint problems. With different hormones coursing throughout the body during and after pregnancy, some women can experience joint problems postnatal. They may feel stiffness, pain, or may even experience some instability in their joints. Through thoughtful exercise selection combined with manual therapy treatments, chiropractors can often help resolve post-pregnancy joint pain quickly.
  • Extra weight. As was mentioned in the introduction, the process of pregnancy inevitably requires the mother to gain some extra weight. Once she has given birth, it can be hard to lose some of the weight that may be sticking around after the fact. Furthermore, eating habits developed during pregnancy may be hard to eliminate. This, combined with the stress of being a new mom, often leads to weight gain post-pregnancy. Chiropractors can help new mothers develop a healthy diet and exercise plan which will contribute to healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  • Difficulty finding time to exercise. When caring for a newborn (especially a first child), it is very hard to find time to exercise. Between changing diapers, feeding the baby, and all of the other requirements of new motherhood, exercising is probably the last thing on a mother’s mind. But with the help of a chiropractor, new moms can identify ways to sneak in exercise throughout the days and weeks. Every little bit helps when it comes to exercise!

All of the above issues are tricky to manage, especially without the assistance of a health professional such as a chiropractor. 

Your chiropractor understands the changes your body has gone through, and the ones it is continuing to undergo as you navigate postnatal life. Through an in-depth evaluation, a specifically designed treatment plan, and referrals to the proper specialists (if needed), your chiropractor will ensure that you slowly but surely return to the healthy person you were before pregnancy. 

Better yet, if you have new wellness goals now that you’re a mom, your chiropractor can work with you to take your health to a level it’s never been before!


The Time is Now!

If you’re thinking about waiting a few months or a few years before you address your postpartum health needs, you should reconsider. The longer you wait to treat an issue, the worse it tends to become. 

By seeing your chiropractor regularly before, during, and after pregnancy, you’ll reduce the likelihood of developing long-term complications.

Whether your health needs pertain to new lifestyle considerations, postnatal health issues, or any number of other ailments, your chiropractor would be happy to help you today!


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