You’re well on your way to leading a pain free lifestyle with Keystone Chiropractic. Here’s what to expect on your first visit with us.

Step #1: New Patient Intake
New Patient Intake
Help us get to know you, why you chose our office, and how we can best help you.
Step #2: Office Tour
Office Tour
One of our staff members will show you around our facility to help you feel comfortable whenever you are here.
Step #3: One-on-One Consultation
We want to understand how we can best help you by way of a thorough health history and dialogue. Let’s take steps toward achieving your goals together.
Step #4: Infrared Spinal Scan
Infrared Spinal Scan
Our state-of-the-art infrared thermography is used to assess for inflammation along the spine. This will tell us whether or not you are a candidate for our chiropractic care.
Step #5: X-Rays
To see is to know; to not see is to guess. If determined necessary, we will take full-spine digital x-rays and motion x-ray studies of your spine to help us provide you the safest and most effective care possible.
Step #6: Doctor's Report
Doctor's Report
On your next visit, we will share with you our findings, recommendations, answer questions or concerns, and allow you to make an informed decision moving forward. You will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment!
Step #7: The Road to Healing
Road to Healing
Remember, the process of becoming pain free is a journey and healing takes time! We are fully committed to delivering excellent care so that you can be on the road to a pain free life as quickly as possible.