How To Overcome Asthma Naturally

If you or your child ever suffered through an asthma attack, it can be extremely scary. I remember the first time I experienced a friend of mine suffering through an asthma attack on the soccer field as a child. I had no idea what was going on, but I remember everyone was in a state of panic and everything just seemed so chaotic. It was definitely not a pleasant experience and I would hate for anyone and any parent to experience that for their child.

Are asthma medications such as inhalers effective?

Even through the use of common asthma medications, have you noticed that the asthma attacks don’t really go away? When taking the medications during an attack, the symptoms may seem to resolve at that time, but an attack will typically return the next week, next month, or sometimes even the very next day. Using the inhaler each and every time never really solves the issue, but only makes it more manageable during an attack by opening up the airway. However, medications should not be for long term use because they attempt to only treat the condition’s symptoms. What’s happening here is that the drugs are failing to account for what’s causing the asthma to occur and the role our nervous systems play in asthma attacks. The doctors at Keystone Chiropractic recognize this role and seek to correct underlying issues resulting from nervous system irregularities.

How does Keystone Chiropractic help with asthma?

Since the nervous system controls every function in the body, it’s important to check the nervous system first. Specifically, nervous system interruption in the first and second thoracic vertebrae has been found to be a leading cause of asthma since those nerves directly innervate the lungs and the airway passages. This area of the spine is also most affected through a condition recently known as “text neck” as we constantly look down at our smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Through targeted adjustments via specific and scientific chiropractic care, natural nervous system function can be restored. By gently realigning the misaligned bones in the neck and upper back portion of the spine, pressure and irritation will be removed from the nerves innervating the lungs and airway passages leading to better overall function of these organs. Once the normal function is restored, the cause of asthma is addressed at its source rather than just treating the symptoms.

Drs. Joshua and Daniel at Keystone Chiropractic help with many children and adults suffering with asthma in the Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, and surrounding North Dallas communities. They focus specifically on neuro-structural chiropractic and use advanced technology to pinpoint the exact areas that need to be corrected. Allow Keystone Chiropractic to assist you in gaining victory over your asthma. Live Better Now!

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