5 Chiropractic Tips for the Holiday Season

In many places across the country, the temperature is dropping, the holiday displays are going up, and people are preparing for gatherings filled with food, fun, and family. But during this time of year, it’s easy to lose track of health goals and “fall off the wagon.” 

For this reason, we have created a list of the top 5 chiropractic tips for the holidays!


1. Prioritize Exercise

With family in town for extended periods, you may be thrown out of your routine in favor of playing host. That’s ok! You should take time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. You may even miss a few workouts. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Your chiropractor can help you design a holiday exercise program that will keep you on track even when you are super busy with holiday preparation.


It doesn’t have to be much: a twenty minute stretching session here, a ten minute bike ride there; before you know it, you’ll have snuck in a great workout without missing a beat.


2. Practice Portion Control

One of the best things about the holidays is the food. We often make rich, delicious meals and desserts around this time of year; tempting even those with an iron will. Indulging in some of these treats is not a crime. However, you should limit yourself to just a small portion of these foods. Too much sugar and too many calories can lead to inflammation and weight gain, which may significantly hinder any progress you have made toward lifestyle changes.


Talk with your chiropractor about ways to resist temptation. She will be able to offer you advice and guidance that will help you sail through the holidays without going too far afield in terms of your diet.


3. Take it Easy on the Alcohol

In much the same way as over-indulgence of less-friendly meals can ruin your progress, alcohol can be extremely detrimental to your health. As with anything: moderation is key. One or two drinks over the weekend won’t make too much of a difference with regards to your overall health. But seven or eight drinks a night are a different story.


It’s important to remember that alcohol contains “empty calories”. This means that these calories contain virtually no nutritional value and will only push you towards a caloric surplus and other detrimental health effects.


4. Find Ways to De-Stress

The holidays aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. In fact, many people experience high levels of stress this time of year. You may feel pressure to keep your guests happy, or there may be family dynamics that create a stressful situation for you. Regardless of the source of your stress, it’s important to find ways to lessen or eliminate these feelings.


Your chiropractor can discuss a plan for reducing your stress that might involve breathing exercises, meditation, or even just taking a break from it all and going on a short walk. Before you know it, your mood will have improved and you’ll have a clearer picture of how to handle all of the tasks you have to complete before guests arrive.


5. Schedule a Chiropractic Appointment

Before things start to pick up and you get too busy with your holiday prep, be sure to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. The team at Keystone chiropractic, the go-to chiropractor in Plano, TX, are ready to help you address any pain or dysfunction you may be experiencing. Once the guests roll into town and the time comes to start shopping and cooking, you might not have time to get in for an appointment.