Suffering from headaches? You’re not alone. In fact, it is estimated that an astounding 90% of people will experience a headache at some point this week. I remember when I would get headaches [...]

Inversion Table

I get asked about inversion tables at least a few times a month. Here’s my take on it… For those of you who don’t know what inversion tables are, it’s basically a table where you hang upside down [...]

Ear Infection

A few months ago, a young mother brought her 5 month old daughter into our office because her daughter had ear infections in both ears for over a month and was on her fifth round of antibiotics. [...]

Why Do Children Get Constipated?

Have you ever heard of a parent being concerned because their young child wasn’t pooping? Parents typically go through a lot of added concern and stress in these scenarios, and some may turn to [...]

How I Defeated Carpal Tunnel

If you are experiencing tingling or numbness in your hands and fingers, you may be one of many suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. Affecting about 5% of the general population, carpal tunnel [...]

How To Conquer Sciatica

If you are experiencing pain, tingling, or numbness shooting down the back of your leg, you may be among the many people suffering with a condition called sciatica. For some, the pain, tingling, [...]

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